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I found the idea of telling people what makes me happy may make them happy as well and shared happiness is doubled happiness. Enjoy!
PS: while reading listen to this song

* opening the next door of the adventcalendar and its surprise
• dancing and jumping secretly at home in front of the mirror
* beautiful weather
• reminiscing 
* meeting my friends 
• visiting the christmas market
* comfortable clothes that nevertheless look good
• Justin Biebers song «Love yourself»
* listening to music in the morning
• a good-hair day
* doing music, singing at home & in the band
• spreading snapchats when Im in a good mood cause I can make the recievers happy to
* making people happy in general
• eating and having lots of vegan foods at home
* meditating
• christmas
* quality time with friends, family
• skiing, riding, jogging, walking
* doing sports in general
• yoga
* discovering new stuff, whatever it is
• Justin Biebers song «Love Yourself» the fingerstyle guitar version (would love to be able to play this too btw)
* rehearsing Adeles song «Hello» with my love playing the piano, me singing
• seeing my family, aunties, uncles, grandparents, cousins who live 620 km far away from me

Tell me what makes you happy and have a look at the things that make her happy!
have nice dayy,
xx hanna
PS: who comprehended why I chose the number 24? :)


  1. perfect <3 xx Valerie

  2. Wirklich sehr schöner Post.
    Würde mich freuen, wenn du Lust hast, bei meiner Blogvorstellung vorbeizuschauen.
    Lg. Mrs. Bella

  3. Wundervolles Bild !


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