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Hey lovelies.
I am currently stuck on the idea of what to share with you bc the lightening is so bad when I get home from school and I don't really have good, fitting photos left. Do you have any ideas, wishes or recommendations what to write about? And how do you like the idea of just writing in English? I hope you like it!
So I thought I could just share my thoughts with you today. This post might get a bit confusing but maybe youre able to draw out the points that are important for you.

How could one of those entries not stard with talking about food? haha. I mean, obviously, food is necessary to life. I fancied the idea of talking of my childhood or former years and my relationship with food. Recently, my mum told me that when I was about 2 years old, she was going on a vegetarian diet and raised me vegetarian too. Due to this I had lots and lots of deficits of like minerals, iron or so. For this reason I went down with ailments a few times and my mum recognized that there was sth to do against them. Luckily, I have been loving fruit and vegetables all life long, thanks God! I just like the colours, smell, taste, advantages they give you. Therefore, we got out of this situation quickly.

Firstly, thanks to my mum, I can or could appreciate the daily muesli for breakfast. This helped me really, my hair grew thick, full and strong, my skin is naturally clear too. I was loving my muesli with yogurt and cereals so much, that I could not even imagine a diet without my yogurt at this time.
When a good friend of mine turned vegan this year, I first was sceptical and did not know what I should think of that kind of lifestyle. Owing to her experiences, all the lovely stories she told me and the kind of how she appreciated and loved the (vegan) food she was eating, she really inspired me to try it as well.

Since I am vegan for about 3 months (wow! three months is a long time though, when not paying attention!) now, I am so happy. Words just can't express how I am feeling, how I appreciate that experience, the food, the planet..
Coming to the planet at this point, I have been literally obsessed with a healthy lifestyle (which means not a healthy diet but healthy for the planet). Imagine, I even shouted at my mum when we stopped at the traffic lights and she did not switch off the engine! Seeing trash lying on the streets, I am confident to call me a little brave too, I walked over there, picked it and threw it into the next dustbin.

Actually, arranging my diet to a vegan one was easier for me than I had imagined. I replaced the yogurt with plant milk and eating no meat was no problem for me. Nevertheless, I kept eating honey because this might be one of the secret beauty products I use, it just makes you glow from the inside.
So what can i say to complete? I sincerely, absolute recommend everyone, even the hardest meat-eater to just go on a vegan diet for a few days. After having tried, you may judge the diet and either continue or stop doing something good for you, the animals, the planet and the next generation.



xx hanna
PS: How do you like entries like this?


  1. Aww I loved this post so much, since it was very personal I really liked it!! So thank you for this lovely post, xx Valerie

  2. Wie cool, dass du auch vegan bist! :)
    Ich bin ernähre mich seit Juli 2014 vegan und versuche auch nun das auf alle Bereiche meines Lebens auszuweiten. Ich vermisse rein gar nichts, auch wenn man das zunächst kaum glauben mag :D
    Liebste Grüße, Elli


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