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H e y   e v e r y o n e . Since I am showing up on Instagram in English only, I decided to stick to English on the blog as well, although most of my blog readers are german. I hope you are fine with this.

Today I've got some reasons why I went vegan and you could go too for you. I broke those reasons down into various categories so that it is easier for you to follow my tangled thoughts. Maybe you can find stuff that made you go vegan as well or you have another reasons - then just let us know in the comments! I am curious about sharing the love for veganism :)).

When I think back to the situation before I became vegan, I have to admit that I wasn't totally content with my body. I would not say that I had a little eating disorder but after every meal I regretted that I had eaten something that wasn't good for my body (for example: had eaten too much/a piece of chocolate/..). There was also ravenousness stressing me out and I didn't know what to do (there will be another post coming about this topic soon). In addition, I felt massive and bloated after nearly every meal and I was dreaming of feeling light, young, free and fresh after having eaten. Therefore, I realized that I had to take action, to change something. As a result, I went vegan and I can just say one thing: I don't have any ravenous appetite anymore or ruing any meal.

This point may be a bit similar and referring to the body-part but I have always been loving eating. Sometimes I had this problem occurring that I was eating to much or the wrong foods. Since I went vegan, I only eat what is good for me, including body AND soul, such as animals and environment. Moreover, I appreciate being able to eat as much as I want (this actually was the fact that made me go vegan cuz I couldn't stand setting food aside that I intrinsically wanted to eat).

When eating high carb you get a lot of energy from your delicious carbohydrates which means that you have a lot (more) energy. This energy exceeded my own expectations so that it is totally necessary to me to move and exercise and get out doing some sports. Today there is no day without yoga, working out or just stretching just because I feel the desire to do so.

This actually wasn't really a reason why I went vegan but since I realized this change, I wanted to share it with you and in the best case it will maybe encourage you. I am so much more grateful for everything I have, from family to items to food. Also, I am eating way more awarely and really tasting, enjoying and appreciating every bite.

Animals & Environment
..aand last but not least, these friends are the basic reasons why to go vegan so I won't go into detail any longer but just wanting you to read this quote:
"Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction."

I hope you enjoyed finding out more about my thoughts on veganism and I also hope that you will share yours with me! Have a nice day and stay tuned 😊


  1. Loved this post! So many good reasons, go vegan! xx

  2. Richtig toller Post! Mir gefÀllt dein Blog wirklich sehr gut und bin dir daher mal gleich gefolgt. :)

    Viele liebe GrĂŒĂŸe, Nathalie ♥

  3. Anonymous16/6/16

    I love your blog so much. This post has a lot of reasons to be vegan!

  4. Diese GrĂŒnde erzĂ€hle ich meinen Freunden auch immer!


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