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F U T U R E  is a big word. It sometimes scares me because I am afraid. Afraid of us, the humans, all the living beings, plants, animals, not being able to live anymore as we had been determined. Pollution, extinction, global warming and consumption such as egoism and greed determing our life.
Time passes by so fast. Too fast.

Fitting to the point, today on this Sunday, I will go to the cinema with my mum and some friends to watch the movie called "Tomorrow". It seems like it is a really good one, maybe with some vegan facts in it as well - I hope so! I will let you know afterwards on instagram how it was but I think it is definitely worth seeing! It says: "We can all start to change the world. TOMORROW."

In about two weeks, I am getting my biggest (summer) holidays which last 9 weeks (I am curious!). Generally, you will find me in an ice cream parlour (where I am working for 3 weeks in summer), at the beach (quarry pond), in France (Corse) and everywhere where one can enjoy summer. 
After these holidays, I get to 7th grade which means that there is only one year left until my final exam. I don't know yet what I want to do after school. I mean, I am quite sure that I want to study at university in a foreign country but I am blessed if I know which subject. There are lots of different topics that interest me a lot. Do you already have any plans? Or are you already studying and if yes, what? 

I think it is so important to live in the present but sometimes I like to take some time just thinking about the future. Which adventures and experiences are awaiting me? What would I do if fear did not exist? You should ask yourelf those questions from time to time to free your mind. Take time for yourself and you will realize that if fear didn't exist, limitless is the only word that counts. YOU are limitless. What would you say? Where would you go? Imaginations are so importont for us, seeing that we can be independent, not being held back by anything, but being able to say I CAN DO EVERYTHING.

"Be fearless in the persuit of what sets your soul on fire."


  1. I am curious about that film, I personally love dreaming of the future and making up my mind about what I would like to do or see in the future... In this way, my imagination has absolutely no limits and I just love this feeling, but of course, it's important to live in the present, enjoy every moment and make memories as well. xx Camille

  2. Wirklich schöner Post und die Bilder sind ein Traum *-*

    Viele liebe Grüße, Nathalie ♥

  3. oh wow. das wird man fast ein bisschen neidisch. sieht traumhaft aus!


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