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H e l l o   G u y s ! You could say I have gone crazy and maybe you're right. Last week, when I had one sweet potato and some veggies left I was wondering what I could make for lunch. I literally had no idea so I started creating something new, just for fun and it turned out pretty good! Okay.. pretty good might be a bit understated - it was SO F*CKING TASTY that I couldn't hold myself off from swarming. Thank god I was alone at home haha :D

Beside my personal food porn I want to share this super easy but delectable recipe with you guys. I hope you're doing something good for you today and make this sweet potato dish for you! Let's get started...

What you'll need:
sweet potato
canned (or fresh) corn and kidney beans
some greens (I used salad leaves)
any sauce you like (we're making our own but super quickly! stay tuned...)

What you'll do:
1 just wash and incise your sweet potato (and peel it if you want to)
2 put it into the oven for at least 45 min at 180 degrees celcius two-sided heat
3 wash and cut your broccoli and let it steam until it is dente (or soft)
4 rinse your corn & beans, put everything onto a plate 
5 for our secret but special sauce: I bought some hummus and mixed it with a shot of water - guys this is f*cking awesome bc you don't have to buy expensive tahini or make a time-consuming sauce!!
6 serve with your self-made sauce drizzled on top and ENJOY every bite!

I hope you liked this recipe although it is quite easy such as obvious haha. If you make this dish, just tag me on your instagram photo! I would love to see your creation as well!

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you have a wonderful, tasty week!


  1. Omg, das sieht so lecker aus! :)


  2. Das sieht sooo lecker aus!!!
    Dein Blog und vor allem deine Bilder sind übrigens echt mega toll, mir gefällt auch das Layout sehr!

    Christina ♥


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