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W e l c o m e  to another blogentry, I am happy to 'see' you today. I am back from my two weeks of pure summer, sea, sunshine and good mood! I spent two weeks with my family on the island of Corse and took this opportunity to also detox in my digital life. But now, I would love to share my impressions and some super secret tips you should know when going on Corse! 
Have you been on a summer holiday as well? Where have you been?

It was not the first time I was on Corse, actually it was the third time. For this reason, we already knew our region a bit better so we could go more into details and watch out for places and trips that weren't full of tourists or we haven't been to yet. 
We stayed at Perla di Mare in Ghisonaccia on the east cost but instead of spending 14 days at the sea whose water was really warm by the way, we went to the beautiful waterfalls of Prunelli di Fiumorbo three times. There are several little ponds you can swim in and jump into off rocks and walk up the waterfalls which is so exciting! To get over some passages, you have to rockclimb a bit or jump down a waterfall. It is so much fun!

The other day we went for a kayak tour in Aléria, it was the first time for me. We paddled down a river until we stopped at the beach and had a little aliment before paddling back. One could not only enjoy the beautiful nature but also do a workout for the arms and shoulders which was great burn!

Last but not least it is super recommendable to visit a little, remote village on top of the mountains of Corse. I could recommend Corte or Prunelli; the second is way smaller but so worth seeing with its stunning view and a cute bakery!

Not to forget: I self-evidently have spread our message also on Corse's beach!
I hope you enjoyed my little travel guide-secret tips-entry and for more photos, stay tuned on instagram because I couldn't show you everything within this entry. Thanks for reading guys and see you soon,


  1. I loove every picture and omg I am sure you had a great time. I love the go vegan picture, the yoga pose and the scenery is breathtaking ! <3 thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

  2. very nice post!


  3. Was für tolle Bilder, wahnsinnige Landschaft :)


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