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Heya, yes, I am back.
For the whole story why I have been so unactive during this summer,
 keep on reading but first, let me tell you some news:
I recreated the about-part of my blog and as you can read from this part,
 I have found some new topics that now play a biig role in my daily life. There will be more coming out about spirituality, yoga, wellness, self-esteem and naturopathy. Feel invited to join me and make suggestions :).

So what happened during summer?
I just can tell you one thing: I focused on living. It is as easy as that. I spent my time outside, surrounded by people who make me happy and blessed, going on partys, living my teenage-life and the most important, totally enjoying it. I also travelled a lot, visited my grandparents and my family in Germany, met new people, gathered a lot of experience while working at an ice parlour, smiling at every consument and cheering up whoever I could. When talking so much about the things I did and the people I met, the most intimate relationship was between me, myself, my body and mind. Accordingly, meditation, sports and especially yoga played a major role during this summer. The summer of my life. The summer where I found my way to myself.

I don't know actually who you really are, but still - you are - and this is a fact I can be happy about becuase otherwise this whole thing - that I am writing something so random and you are reading it -wouldn't work out.
In fact, I took a long break from blogging here on my blog but I was quite active on instagram during this summer though. Now I want and try to concentrate more again on blogging because I would love to share such a lot of interesting information and experiences with you.
Hopefully we have all had an awesome summer and are now able to reminisce about those beautiful moments.
 But back to the now: Summer is over and autumn is just waiting for us. Everytime again I have to admit that time is passing by so fast. However, it is even more important to live in the now and sometimes we are so busy with trying to make a living that we forget to live.

If you kept this in mind for today, this would already mean so much to me. Feel free to share your daily reminders with us & your friends as well! I am curious! Any questions or wishes are more than welcome in the comments below :)
Have a nice and mindful day,


  1. Loved this personal post so much and I am so excited for the upcoming ones. xx

  2. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  3. This was so beautiful to read and I feel like I can adapt to this so so much. Especially these past months I was also trying to figure out who I am and so much more... In the end I feel like it's not about knowing who you are but creating the person you want to be :)
    I'm really keen to read more about the topics spirituality and self-esteem!

    Lovely blog!!💕


    1. OH wow, you're so right! Thank you!


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