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H e y   G u y s .  I am sure, you have also had this at least once in your lifetime that you were craving chocolate or any sweets and tasty crap but afterwards, your body was feeling sore and bloated. For this reason, today I wanted to share with you my 5 best tips to get rid of ravenous appetites that - so think I - nearly everyone knows or at least has come to know once.

1. Feel your body
Is it really the hunger that makes you feel wanting to eat something or is it because you are bored, thinking of food or are you actually thirsty?

2. Test your body
Drink at least one glass of water and see if you are still hungry. Most of the times you feel hungry when you would just need some hydration. This is because our body cannot distinguish between hunger and thirst.

3. Taste your cravings
Do you have a special imagination of how your food should taste like right now? Is there an appetite? If there is nothing or you don't get what you are craving for, then maybe - again - it could just be your dehydration or your boredom.

4. Think before you eat
When you come to the point realizing that you are not having a ravenous appetite for something and you decide to eat something, then think first before you eat. Think what is in there, is it good for you, your body and mind and also think of the feeling after having eaten it.

5. Eat mindfully
The most important thing of this process is, when you are eating something, you should enjoy it and not think about the bad stuff that is in there. For example, you are craving a piece of brownies and have gone through these steps named above, but still want to eat some, then do not regret your decision, it is irreversible. And if you can't manage this step then remind yourself of the feelings you had eating that stuff when your ravenous appetite occurs again.

In brief, I hope that I could help one or the other to fight their ravenousness.
Do you still suffer from ravenous appetites and if not, how did you fight it?
Thank you for being there, namaste


  1. Toller Post! Gerade bei mir ist es oftmals so, dass ich einfach aus Langeweile esse und eigentlich gar keinen Hunger habe...

    Ich mag deine Bilder und deinen Blog sehr!

    xx Katrin


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