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G o o d   m o r n i n g . Yeah, it's a good morning, because you decide it to be good!
Today I wanted to write to you about what I discovered the last weeks. When I find time to spend with myself, would it be doing yoga, having a bath, having a tampering day or just cooking really delicious food or watching youtube videos, these little gifts I give myself have such a big impact on my life in general, but on my self-esteem in particular.
When spending time with yourself only, you can do whatever you want and you have to concentrate on your mindset and ask yourself what would be the nicest to do now. Since giving yourself this opportunity not only creates space in the now but also does it open new doors that lead to a deeper relationship you (can/will) have with yourself. In this present moment, when you dedicate all your attention to your body, mind and soul, you'll become more clear of what your dreams and desires are and find that in this deeper state of mind, you are you and this is the most beautiful feeling you can ever experience.
Probably you have already heard of the law of attraction and affirmations and visualization.These things also can only happen when you are with yourself and I promise you, it is so worth trying! There will soon be more posts about these spirituality-ish topics - stay tuned.

By the way, I am writing this post right after I had this wonderful breakfast: Pancakes that a friend of mine told me to do. I have been procrastinating baking these pancakes for about two weeks and today (we have got holidays rn) I got up and I spontaneously decided to make them today, here and now because otherwise I'd probably never "have found time" to make them and to try out something new. Often we're just so caught in our day-to-day life that it's quite hard to get out of this comfortzone. Honestly, you can transfer this mindset to any situation in your life because you can never be sure if you were going to have this opportunity at another point of time in your life so take the chance and do it right now!

you need:
any flour
flax seeds
baking powder
a pinch of salt
any plantbased milk

you do:
 let it sit for about 10-15 min, heat a non-stickpan and when hot, pour your dough into the pan (I do it with two spoons to get the size I want)
add your favourite toppings, like a berry Sauce: just take frozen berries, cook them with a Little water, add sweetener of your joice - and enjoy!
edit: thanks to lezi for letting me know this awesome recipe!

have a nice day folks,

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